Experiencing Zion National Park with an Electric Bike

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Exploring Zion National Parks is the adventure of a lifetime, and the best way to maximize your trip is with an electric bike. First, it’s good to know that you can operate electric bicycles in various ways.

  • Manual pedaling works the same as any other bike, traditionally using the pedals and gears.
  • Pedaling plus pedal-assist means that you are still manually pedaling the bike, but you get a boost from the electric battery. Using pedal assist, you can also adjust your speed, traveling up to 20 miles per hour.

Fun for all ages

If you would like to experience Zion but are uncomfortable with the idea of long hikes, people of all ages and stages of health can use an e-bike. The pedal-assist feature reduces stress on the knees and can reduce exertion (bonus: you can still get the same benefits as riding a traditional bike). Because there is less exertion, people often find that they ride further than they would have on a conventional bike. Endurance and distance are less of a concern because you can control how much boost you get from the electric battery. With the Rad e-bikes, you can add a passenger or child seat, and the whole family can ride together.

Avoid the shuttle lines

You’re here to commune in nature, not wait around for a shuttle if you are coming to Zion. With an e-bike, you can skip the lines and ride to your chosen trailhead. Also, hiking for nine hours, nothing beats cooling down with an easy ride out of the park on an e-bike.

A few things to know about cycling in Zion National Park

Bikes are permitted on all park roadways (except the Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel. A ride needs to be arranged to travel through the tunnel).

The Pa’rus Trail is available for cyclists and pedestrians. The trail is an easy walk or ride at only 3.5 miles.

The Zion Canyon Scenic Drive is 8 miles long one way, with plenty of places to stop for pictures and a little exploration.

Electric bikes in Zion National Park are the best way to experience this incredible place. They offer flexibility, ease, and the opportunity to experience nature’s beauty instead of watching it pass by from inside a car.

Contact us when you are ready to plan your visit to Zion, and we’ll get you set up to have a once-in-a-lifetime trip!

Start your adventure

Avoid the shuttle, the crowds, and the schedules! Ride your eBike at your own pace and time!

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